Caring For Wraps

Wash Regularly
Whenever the car appears dirty, wash it! Don't wait - anything that is allowed to settle will become much more difficult to clean later. Using a spray of water, rinse as much off as possible before getting to work.

Stay Smooth

Use non-abrasive soaps and detergents as well as soft sponges and cloths. Avoid anything that may scratch or ruin the film as these can create points of attack for future contaminants to work their way in and damage.

Stubborn Smudges & Tough Toxins
For stubborn smudges like tree sap, bug guts, or bird droppings, you want to take some extra measures to ensure it comes clean. Soak and soften these tougher spots for several minutes in hot, soapy water before thoroughly rinsing and drying.

If fuel should be spilled on the wrap, clean it immediately! Fuel can degrade both the vinyl wrap and the adhesive used to secure it.


Wraps are, just like paint, susceptible to sun damage and degradation. Keep your wrapped vehicle covered or in a garage to minimize exposure to that fiery fiend.

No Pressure Pressure Washing.

Hand washing is best, but pressure washing can be used if you follow these instructions:

  • Keep water temp below 180°F
  • Keep water pressure below 2000 psi
  • Keep the nozzle at minimum one foot away from the vinyl and use at a 90° angle
  • Use a spray nozzle with a 40° angle spray